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Building Connections


Shari weaves history, current learning, and disparate thought into a narrative that allows the listener to their own "ah-ha" moments of understanding and change. Shari brings a wealth of cross-sector experience, from law, media, government, funding, social enterprise, and advocacy work. 

A Philosophy for the Future


Shari is an innovator, educator, and thinker  helping organizations and individuals to "change their thinking and change their lives/organizations." Shari has a degree in Philosophy and believes as Carl Jung is alleged to have said, that; "until we make the unconsciousness conscious it will direct our lives, and we will call it fate." .



As an award-winning journalist, attorney, CEO, and innovator, Shari will bring new life and connection to your next event. As a keynote speaker, presenter, or workshop leader Shari can adapt her signature talk, to your company’s specific needs. Shari can also help coach institutions and individuals to break through the boundaries that are limiting them and get them ready to shape the future. 


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