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Re-imagining the Non-Profit

TOPICS COVERED:  The non-profit is sick, what's making it ill and how can we heal it?

TAKEAWAYS: A prescription for healing the non-profit that is grounded in history with an eye towards the future. Concrete steps that funders, board members, staff and the community can take to transform the non-profit to be able to tackle some of the most difficult problems facing our communities and our world..

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The Truth About Diversity

TOPICS COVERED: A new way to think about diversity rooted in history and nature.

TAKEAWAYS: What does a healthy diverse system look like? How do we deal with the "illnesses" that are blocking the natural expression of diversity in our workplaces, leadership and our lives?

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Women and Leadership

TOPICS COVERED: Leadership is defined through the prism of white, cis-gendered maleness that, while not monolithic, is familiar. Anything different from those styles is jarring to men, women, and people of color in the workplace.  

TAKEAWAYS: Practical action items that Latinx, black, white, Asian, Native and LGBTQ women can use to make space for and support each other’s different leadership styles. Identifying the “translation” points where we can understand each other's journeys towards the goal of the advancement of all women. 


Closing the Gap on the space between You and You.” ©

TOPICS COVERED: Change is inevitable, and yet there are very few guideposts on the road to change. How do you make a change in life? How do you start a new career, move to a new city and grow your network, in short, how do you start again? 

TAKEAWAYS: From practicing attorney to national policy leader to news anchor to social enterprise CEO and professor, Shari  has walked many roads successfully. She is here to tell you that it all starts with a mastery of self that requires “closing the gap on the space between you and you.” ©