DIVERSITY coaching/consulting




As an innovative and entrepreneurial leader, Shari understands the challenges that women, and people of color face when leading in spaces where they have not historically been present. Shari has designed a coaching style specifically tailored to and for women and executives of color. While most coaching does not take into account the complexity faced by women and people of color Shari brings specific understanding and experience around leadership, conflict management, strategic planning, and growth. Let her design an action plan based on your needs and not a "pre-set" formula. In-person, online or phone coaching available.




Individuals and institutions must fully understand and embrace the ways we act out "old stories" to clear a path to re-imagine a new life, a new path, a new course forward. Let Shari work with your company around coaching for successful on boarding of executives of color. Shari can also work with organizations to  implement Equity and Inclusion work from a "Diversity Coaching" model that can help leadership fully implement EDI plans.




Shari is available for consultation with Boards, Foundations, non-profits, B-Crops and International NGO's on how they can "re-imagine" the non-profit towards a more equitable expression and on EDI implementation. Shari is also available for consulting on career transitions. She will do so with wit, wisdom, insight, and clear and practical action items. Let her help you move from the world of yesterday's regrets to the world of tomorrow's victories